Afinal o que querem as mulheres?

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Several emblematic factors lead women to the labor market. We can highlight the achievement of women's emancipation, the desire to have their own professional design, the high rate of unemployment the one that has only increased over the yearsthe decrease in earnings of associates who lives and the abandonment of the companions themselves making the householder. All these factors are contributing to the enhancement of entry into the labor market, however, has not been easy due to a number of factors such as the current economic situation by creating various barriers and the very presence of women in some positions as a form of prejudice, these has been the sticking point. The female presence has had various forms of differentiation revealed through unemployment, low wages, occupation of precarious positions and even the very discrimination in time to sign a contract. In order to demonstrate that there is a rejection of women in the market, the company Dieese Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies analyzed some research based on year under focus of women. The results was the most obvious possible, the woman grew up in business; however, it is necessary to review the level playing field between the sexes. É notório que existem diversos tipos de desigualdades na sociedade brasileira. As mulheres sofrem mais do que os homens com o estresse de uma carreira, pois as pressões do trabalho fora de casa dobraram. As mulheres dedicam-se tanto ao trabalho quanto o homem e, quando voltam para casa, instintivamente dedicam-se com a mesma intensidade aos afazeres domésticos.

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